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IKEA Vegan Swedish Meatballs Are Coming in 2020

IKEA Vegan Swedish Meatballs Are Coming in 2020

IKEA’s Food Services are working overtime to bring us vegan alternatives. From their vegan soft-serve ice-cream to their veggie hotdogs, they are now giving their classic Swedish meatballs a plant-based makeover. With a huge demand for cruelty-free alternatives from vegetarians and vegans alike, IKEA is pushing to release new plant protein products. Vegan Meatballs or […]

Best Vegan Protein Powder of 2019

Top 13 Best Vegan Protein Powder to Build Muscle

One of the main reason men have a hard time going vegan is due to the negative association between veganism and lack of protein. When you think of masculinity, you think of strong bearded men with bulging muscles. Do vegan men have that much of a harder time to gain mass or muscle? Definitely not. […]